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Learn to play music at the piano, electronic keyboard, or the organ using Keyboard Decals®.

Three Keyboard Decals® packages are offered:

1. The "Set of 24 Piano Decals" contains the full set of 24 removable decals and several supplement pages (exercises, helps theory and songs) at the beginner level. Experience for yourself how a "Set of 24 Piano Decals" package can help you with your piano lessons and playing your favorite songs.

2. The "Complete Piano Pack" includes a 72-page, self-study, "An Introduction to Music..." Book, a 28-page supplement to "An Introduction to Music..." booklet, (both gradually advance students from junior high school through adults), 55 increasingly difficult, but familiar songs, 24 removable decals for the piano keys and four sets of flash cards ("Handy Flash Cards for the Beginner at the Keyboard," "The Keyboard Tutor II," "40 Flash Cards for Major Keys and Key Signatures," and "Flash Cards for 20 Frequently Used Chords"). If you are a beginner at playing the piano, you will be impressed and pleased with the natural approach of the step-by-step method of the "Complete Piano Pack" used to teach you to play your favorite songs.

3. The "Complete Organ Pack" includes the same information shipped with the "Complete Piano Pack," except for the piano decals. The "Complete Organ Pack" also has the Upper and Lower decals, Footpedal decals, and an Organ Manual sheet. An introduction to the bass pedals, the upper and lower manuals and the Expression Pedal and songs for the organ are also included.

Each of the three Keyboard Decals® packages unlocks the way to musical enjoyment and encourages the beginner to learn music and to play the piano, eletronic keyboard or the organ.

Let your dream of playing the piano or the organ come true!

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